All the Herping and Derping

A SpPandaaa side blog for the derp faces I make.

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Yeah so this happened while in Toys R Us last time we went.
We’re all adults. I swear.

Ass to ass.
When fandoms make nice.

This was eating after Sunday of Sakura Matsuri.
I continue to prove how much of a classy lady I truly am.

Oh and I thought I got all the Fanime dumb faces posted.
No self, there’s always more.

Ewwww, Jacqui making normal faces off to the side.

Maya Fey - SpPandaaa

This was the day after Fanime technically, but whatever. I was in California and I consider my entire time everything in California in cosplay fanime, so whatever.

Driving to our shoot spot. We couldn’t get in the warehouse though since they closed everything up and Chira was in no shape with her ankle to climb through the window.

Next time bros!

Madoka - SpPandaaa
Mami - Labocat
Kyoko - TuesdayRomantic

Some people would be ashamed to have so many photos of themselves making dumb faces 24/7. I however am not one of those people. More dumb faces ahoy!

This was after successfully performing in the masquerade on Sunday at Fanime this year. It was great to finally eat since we didn’t eat at all that day ‘cuz that’s how masquerade days roll.

Madoka - SpPandaaa
Mami - Derpelstein
Charlotte - Supershinn
(half in cosplay) Homura - Siriexmachina

So when I finally got to meet Vinnie (CosplayMallow) in person I made sure to make an effort to take a hipster photo of us documenting the occasion.

Funny story, right before this photo was taken I scared the shit out of Jacqui ‘cuz I came out of the bathroom from putting my wig on and even if I was talking to her approaching her, she didn’t realize I was right next to her, and she saw me in the corner of her photobooth and flipped the fuck out.

It was kinda hilarious.

Madoka - SpPandaaa
Kyoko - TuesdayRomantic

Jane - SpPandaaa
Roxy - TuesdayRomantic

Lady Americas making mirrored faces without meaning to.

America - Teca
Ameriko - RuffleShuffle
2P Ameriko - SpPandaaa
China - JetSpectacular